Where is your authority hiding?

The moment you are saved by grace you have authority over sin and death because of the work Jesus did on the cross.  As I speak to women, I learn they have no idea the authority or influence God has given them. They have a specific group of people in mind that God uses and they discount themselves completely.

Some are reading this thinking- Power? Authority?  I can’t even get my four-year old to listen to me.  You’re telling me I have authority over sin and death? My answer to that is… well… kind of!  It’s the Christ in you that has the authority.

Where is your influence hiding_ the ugly scale

Galations 2: 20 “I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me.”

You are righteous because of Christ and now God is working on healing your heart; putting it back together so that it looks more like Jesus’ character.  It’s in this process were the power of the cross hits  areas of your life.  That’s where your authority and influence comes from.

Why isn’t it the norm that woman feel empowered and ready to change the world? Why aren’t more women walking in the power and influence that changes lives?  One reason: The Ugly Scale.

A favorite pastor of mine shared the equation:

 humility + empowerment= influence 

One MAJOR reason ladies can’t relate this truth to their life is due to the ugly practice of comparing ourselves to others.  On one end, comparing yourself to another person means you are better than them.  On the other end… you are the loser.  You are the failure.  You don’t measure up. You’ll never be like her… You’ll never be that kind of mom, wife, friend, co-worker.  Your authority and influence can’t be seen because you don’t feel empowered.

You can’t feel strong or bold and like a failure at the same time.  People who see themselves as failures lack the empowerment part of the equation.

I’m not sure what end of the scale is better or worse, but when you compare… sometimes you view yourself as the winner.  This ugly end of the scale breeds entitlement, pride, and superiority complexes.  This end is completely lacking the humility part of the equation and doesn’t match the heart of Jesus at. all.

Confess this as sin to God and ask him to redeem this area in your life.

You need comparison gone so you can realize the power and influence Y.O.U. have because of the cross.

The reason comparing  plagues women so ferociously is because it ROBS us of our influence. Satan wants to keep us there. The last thing Satan wants is the daughters of the Most High King walking around in all the power and authority that comes with being His child.

Can you imagine a world like that?  Where we only speak life to each other and into dark situations? That’s a life of a difference maker. There are hurting people everywhere dying for someone to save them. We know that only Jesus can save.  It shouldn’t be our best kept secret!


Humble yourselves before the Lord if you struggle with pride.  Feel strong and bold because of what Jesus did on the cross if you lack empowerment. Only then can you come out of hiding, see yourself properly for who you are, and begin to bear fruit in your life for Christ.  Whatever God redeems, he replaces with power and grace.  This includes all your junk, as well as your personality traits God created to use for Him.

Below are prayers for both sides of the ugly scale of comparing.  I pray you come to a place where you walk in your influence for Christ.

Prayer against pride

When you feel like a failure

Dear Heavenly Father.

Thank you that you are never finished with us. Thank you for Jesus and that because of Him we are your daughters.  I pray that every eye who reads this comes to a place where they see themselves through your eyes and are forever changed because of it.  Thank you for allowing us to do life closely with you.  In Jesus name.


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