Wanted: Titus 2 Women to Pour into the Lives of God’s ‘Next Generation’ Girls


I am in my tenth year as a high school teacher and although the subjects I’ve taught have changed and the school where I teach is different, one this remains the same- God’s next generation girls need our guidance more than ever. While the issues they face are actually no different from those faced by their older sisters, mothers, grandmothers, or teachers- their teenage world is unbeknownst to us.

Theirs is the world of constant change and of image saturation; the culture of validation through social media and found worth from the acceptance of others. Theirs is the deep thirst for love and hope and discipleship; the need to witness both imperfection in older women and the completeness those women find in Christ. Theirs is the urgency to see a sophistication and classiness that is counter-cultural to the definition of beauty as the world sees it.

Titus 2 commissions the older generation- both men and women- to pour into the lives of those younger than us.

the older women likewise, that they be reverent in behavior, not slanderers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things— that they admonish the young women to love their husbands, to love their children, to be discreet, chaste, homemakers, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God may not be blasphemed. Titus 2:3-5

An initial reading of this sounds as if those older than myself, a thirty-something, should be teaching me the secrets of homemade meals and the true value of homemaking itself. Does Titus 2:3-5 totally discount our teenage girls? Heck no! Especially if you put into context that in biblical times, and really up until recent history for that matter, teenage girls were at the age to be married. So this passage was written to direct older women to disciple younger women (teenagers) in their daily lives.

But how does this apply today? I love the part of the passage that tells us to be reverent in behavior and teachers of good things. This is a direct authority from God over our younger women and a direct call to live a life that is visible of grace and love, of intelligence and self-control.

What I have learned from my tenure working directly with teenage girls- both as a teacher and mentor- is that they intrinsically crave older women whom they can look to as a model of Christ-like living. They seek women who are visible and bold in their faith, who live in true rebellion against a world that is sucking them into the lies of evil himself.

You may not have the opportunity to pour into the lives of teenage girls every single day like I do. But we all have cousins and nieces, babysitters and daughters, neighbors and teenage girls at church– we all have young women in our sphere of influence, even if we haven’t noticed their need for us in their lives. Start there, with that one girl that seems to enter your sphere more than others.

Then pray for her big prayers of intercession at the foot of the cross because you might be the only woman in her life praying for her. Start a conversation by asking her a question about how things are going and then really listen because she might desperately want to share that hurt on her heart with someone. Sit with her and teach her one of your favorite hobbies because she might need space in her life for positive interaction. Pour into her by living out loud a bold-faith that is only found in Christ.

It’s time that we, the older generation of women, grab tightly onto this authority. In a world that is tearing our teenage girls down, they need us more than ever to be teachers of good things and bearers of authentic hope.

About Cricket. I am a dreamer, a creative soul. And while I am also a full-time teacher, wife, and mother; I find rest and purpose in writing. Suffering for years from low spiritual self-esteem and struggling to find a medium to share all that God has done in my life, I am finally out of hiding. Embracing a new found confidence in Christ, I am learning the sweetness of stepping out in obedience and living life in a position of bold-faith. Through it all I run on Jesus, coffee, and lipstick… in that order. Tweet with me @CricketButler and read along at http://www.cricketbutler.com


Guest Post: Am I asking God the right questions?


Me: Where do you see me fitting in your kingdom, God? Where do you want me?

God: Sit awhile and listen.

And then I heard:
The answer to my question, “Where do I fit in the kingdom of God?” has always been right in front of me. God calls me to fit into His kingdom here and now, in the present glory. I felt silly when I realized that He has already placed me in His kingdom right where He wants me- as a wife, mother, teacher, daughter, & friend; as a woman of faith who desires nothing more than to be an instrument of grace.

Knowing now that I always knew the answer to my long-standing question, I began to ask different questions.

Me: What is holding me back from being an instrument of grace right here & now?

God: Sit awhile and listen.

And then I heard:
Some speak out loud & on fire for the Lord.
Some speak differently, creatively, distinctly.

I’ve never been one to say out loud those things that Lord speaks to me. I have always admired those people who God uses to share truths in a way that engages and captures a room. In the years of searching for my purpose in His kingdom, I have confused my quiet with a lack of confidence. But this couldn’t be farther from the truth, as I am coming to understand. My confidence can be found in my uniqueness in the Lord.

My fear of really being used by God was not because I didn’t have a story or gift to share but because I didn’t believe in my uniqueness. My low spiritual self-esteem high-jacked my purpose to share grace boldly with those in my present glory. My insecurities left me with a gaping wound where my calling & purpose was supposed to be.

Realizing this about myself led me to ask God another question, and this time it spoke to my creative, unique soul.

Me: God, how can I inspire You?

God: That is the right question, my daughter. Sit awhile and listen.

And then I heard:
I’ve been asking the wrong question the whole time. I’ve been asking God to inspire me to move forward. How selfish and self-centered?!?! Isn’t the grace offered to me at the cross enough of an inspiration to speak boldly for my God? Isn’t the call to be salt & light in a fallen & dark world enough of an inspiration? Isn’t the desire to live in true rebellion against today’s culture enough of an inspiration?

God inspires me every day to be useful in His kingdom. God inspired me at the moment of my salvation to go forth into the world, just as He has called me every day after. Now it’s my turn to inspire Him. To use my unique design, my gifts, my distinctive quiet in a way that gives God inspiration. So that when He paints the morning sky in bright pastels or performs a miracle, that I might be the twinkle in His eye.

My friends, God is calling you to ask the right questions and then to sit awhile and listen. Your question might be different from mine, or it might be not be so different. But no matter the question, our God is the same- everlasting and ever present. May we step out boldly to be an inspiration to our inspired God and may we learn to ask the right questions.

About Cricket. I am a dreamer, a creative soul. And while I am also a full-time teacher, wife, and mother; I find rest and purpose in writing. Suffering for years from low spiritual self-esteem and struggling to find a medium to share all that God has done in my life, I am finally out of hiding. Embracing a new found confidence in Christ, I am learning the sweetness of stepping out in obedience and living life in a position of bold-faith.  Through it all I run on Jesus, coffee, and lipstick… in that order. Tweet with me @CricketButler and read along at www.cricketbutler.com

Good Reads #001: All The Places to Go

imageI love a good read.  I don’t have tons of quiet time to complete a book, so the author better grab me quick or I’m outta there. All the Places to Go by John Ortberg is perfect for the reader who loves truth bombs coupled with humor and legit real life application.

This book also totally freed me from the heavy burden that God is only behind ONE door.

I used to carry the burden of not wanting to disobey God.  It was like there were only two doors: Obeying God’s will & and Disobeying God’s will.

AHHHHH! The stress that comes with not knowing God’s will!! This will totally calm you down and gift you with the freedom to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, strength, and love your neighbor as yourself.

All the Places to Go is excellent source wisdom for those seeking a life following Christ.

Below are my Top Quotes from All the Places to Go

“No project is so great that it doesn’t need God.  No project is so small that is doesn’t interest God.”

“If we do not learn to find God in our small worlds, we will never find God at all.”

“Spiritual maturity is being able to face troubles without being troubled.”

“Sometimes going through an open door just means not being a jerk.  If the door is not marked glamorous, just settle for obedient.”

“The standard position for being truly problem free is dead.”

“Sometimes, it’s what you do after the door is open that makes all the difference.”

“If I stew over what might have been, I rob myself of energy and spirit to see all the small doors God sets before me each day.”

“If ‘having a peace about it’ we’re the ultimate criterion for going through open doors, nobody in the Bible have done anything God asked.”

“We don’t follow clarity.  We follow God!”

“An open door is an opportunity provided by God, to act with and for God.”


“The doors through which a soul can leave fear into courage, leave hatred and enter forgiveness, leave ignorance and enter into learning.”

“The primary will for your life is not the achievements you accrue; it’s the person you become.”

“Feeling ready is highly overrated. God is looking for obedience.What the world needs is not simply isolated outward deeds, but transformed character from within. That’s what Jesus wants to release into the world.”

I would recommend this book to anyone who is constantly wondering if they are pleasing God with their choices as well as people who paralyzed from making decisions based on fear of disobeying God.

Is this you?  Visit my What to Read page and get your copy today!

Dear Heavenly Father,

I pray that every eye who reads this comes to know you and your will for their life.  I pray you continue to draw them closer to you as they learn to love with their whole heart, soul, mind, and strength.  Give us wisdom and the courage to make decisions that honor you and help us to love our neighbor.

In Jesus name,