Morning Y’all

Morning y’all!  Yes….those were the first words that came into my mind one morning after I hit snooze for the 5ooth time.  I giggled when I realized what I had done.  I referred to the Holy Trinity as Y’all.


Anyone who has ever been around me in the a.m. knows I spend the first ten minutes sleep walking. I’m a complete zombie in the morning. I finally learned that if I start each day with a quick prayer, getting out the door tends to include less tears.  There is truth to starting your day off getting your mind set on things above.  Acknowledging that God is with me all day… all day long… is harder to forget when I think about Him first.

Years ago, someone gave me a prayer that I prayed over a person in my life.  I taped it on my mirror in the bathroom.  I said it while brushing my teeth.  Eventually, I had it memorized and I could say it in the car as well.  Then I would be able to say it before bed.  It got the point where I was saying it in my sleep!

I got so used to praying this prayer that I realized I could literally pray most of the day.  The words of this prayer are scripture.  Those truths were being written on my heart and were coming out even when I wasn’t really thinking about it.  They became my thoughts when it was idle due to repetition.

I then started praying for other people.  I started praying for healing, marriages, the guy in the line in front of me, my pastors, children, and neighbors.  I learned how to pray without ceasing.  It started with a prayer I’d say while brushing my teeth.

God has increased in my life mostly because I learned how to pray.  If you want God to be big in your life… learn how to pray.  I have three kids, a husband, laundry, dishes, and I’m currently potty training.  I don’t have an hour to sit quietly and pray.  That doesn’t mean I can’t still pray all day.


1 Thessalonians 5:17 says to pray without ceasing.  Paul encourages us to do this because he knows how important prayer is for the believer.  It starts as an act of obedience, but with practice; it becomes the habit that changes lives.  Prayer is simply getting your thoughts fixed on Jesus and it’s easier than you think with a little practice.

I no longer always say this prayer in morning, but it birthed the prayer life I have now.  I feel safe to say that God smiled when I woke up, stretched,  and yawned,  “Morning Y’all!”  I believe He was glad I woke up thinking about my Heavenly Father.  In my head he chuckled at the sight because I really am a hot mess in the morning.

He wants His children to know how much He loves us.  He wants to show us.  He wants to get rid of fear, shame, and guilt.  He wants to get rid of those thoughts and replace them with safety, trust, and perfect love.

Here is the “Wake Up Prayer”given to me years ago.  I had on my mirror. My prayer is these words of power have the same effect on you as it did for me!

Wake Up Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for being an approachable father full of love.  Help us to learn how close you are to us.  I pray every eye who reads this learns the value of a solid prayer life.  I pray you increase in our lives as we learn to seek you all day long.  Thank you for your faithfulness. 

In Jesus name, Amen.

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