It’s hard to love people.

You’ve got to love an election year to remind you of how different we actually are from one another!!!  Lines are drawn, sides are taken, spiritual convictions are running high, or maybe they aren’t. I was reminded this week of how easily it is to judge and feel judged by others over differences in how we view the world.hard to love (1)

At one point, I was even offended by what one person thought was right and I saw as wrong. I don’t like it when the Lord reveals the yuckiness in my heart, but I was reminded once again that…yes, I still judge people and yes….I think my ideals are better than yours.
I wish I was a person who could just LOVE everyone!!

I’m a Christian for Pete’s sake!! And loving others is totally WWJD. After not liking the blah feelings that come after disagreements, I started praying for God to take them away.  I came across 1 John 11-12, “Dear friends, since God so loved us, we ought to love one another. No one has ever seen God; but if we love one another, God lives in us and His love is made complete in us.”

This totally freed me from feeling like an unloving Christian because I remembered one very important thing. I remembered that our culture uses the word love in a completely different way than it was meant in Bible times. We want love to be all lovey-dovey and full of emotion. Let’s face it, that isn’t reality. I felt like a total failure when trying to measure up to that type of love. I can’t honestly say I “love my neighbors” using that meaning of the word love. But the Bible  says in John 14:10 that if you obey his commands, you will remain in love.

Okay, awesome… because that I can do. I simply confessed that I still don’t love people properly and I need God to help my heart.

I know Jesus commands us to serve one another, lay our lives down for one another, love our neighbor as ourselves.  Love does. Love serves. Love sacrifices. I might not agree with you, but I can bring you a casserole if you are sick. You might think my way of life is ridiculous, but I can invite your family over for a cookout. As I serve others, I remain in His love and just like the end of verse 12 states, ” His love is made complete in us.”

I want His love complete in me. So, I can confess I don’t see everyone how God sees them. I can humble myself and serve them and trust that God will change my heart. He has been faithful to do so in the past. I look forward to watching Him show up again and again.

Who do you need to love? Who are you holding judgments towards? I can tell you, Satan wants to keep you there because it’s a wonderful distraction from what we are here to do and that is love one another.

God says if we remain in Him, obey what He says, our joy and love will be made complete in Him. Sounds good to me.

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for loving us first. Thank you for Jesus and his sacrifice for us. Help us to love one another. Help us to love different people and show us how to serve and obey. Please bring peace into relationships where conflict exists. I pray every eye who reads this will know and rely on the Love you have for us.

I pray this in Jesus’ name,


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  1. Perfect. Beautiful. I had the opportunity to discuss this with my sunday school class recently. Man, it’s really hard to live up to what I teach them sometimes! ❤️

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