I told you so! The Not -so-Secret Powertool

Fasting is one of the most untapped sources of power for the believer.  It’s not something you hear that much about for whatever reason.  I think it doesn’t come up that often because  Jesus flat out says don’t make it obvious to men that you are fasting and that it should be done in secret. [Matthew 6]

I TOLD YOU SO!!!!Fasting should never be anything that you to do to appear to be “super spiritual” but it’s a discipline that results in deeper love and admiration for our Great God simply because it increases our dependence on Him.

I always encourage people to fast, but the main reason is because Jesus says so! There are some mysteries in the Bible that can leave us confused as to what God wants us to do.  Fasting is not one of those things.  In Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount he clearly uses the words “when you fast.”  He assumed his audience would be fasting and we are His audience.

He assumed His audience would be fasting…

We are His audience.

I always like to check in on people who I know are fasting because God is usually doing something awesome.  It increases my faith because I always end up saying, “I told you so!” Fasting is awesome!! That is God’s desire!  He wants to increase in our lives in amazing ways!  When we fast, we are creating space that wasn’t there before for God to show up! Whether it’s clarity or breakthrough on an issue, God spoke, or a financial breakthrough, when you fast; God moves.  He has always been faithful.

Scripture backs up the power behind fasting.  I love what Isaiah 58 says about the practice.  In my Bible, the heading is called True Fasting, but I love the amplified version of this text.

Is not this the kind of fasting I have chosen:
to loose the chains of injustice
and untie the cords of the yoke,
to set the oppressed free
and break every yoke?

Yes. And. Amen. To. That!!!  Fasting is bringing out the big guns with it comes to spiritual intercession.  It’s simply another invitation from God to come along side Him in doing His work in Jesus name.  Jesus is the breaker of all bonds of wickedness.  Jesus alone can undo to bands of yoke, Jesus sets the oppressed free! And Christians are the carriers of Jesus Christ.

For me personally, fasting brings me right back to my constant need for Jesus.  I can do nothing without Him.  He is my source.  This is an important position to remember when going through life; especially when life gets hard… and everyone’s life gets hard.

There are lots of ways to fast.  Spend some time in prayer asking God how he wants you to fast.  It could be one meal a week, one day a week, one week a month, one weekend a year!  The options are endless, but Christ’s power is not.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for Jesus.  Thank you for constantly calling us to know you more deeply.  I pray you speak to every eye who reads this and that a time of fasting turns into a special time between You and Your child.  I speak empowerment over the lives of those seeking you as we continue to  humble ourselves in your presence.  You are so good to us, God.  May your praise ever be on our lips.  

In Jesus name, Amen.


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