Hot Mess Express and Friends with God Anyway


I might be the tiredest person in the world.   I swear my kids plot against me as to whose turn it is to jack with my sleep each night. With three kids and the messiest van in the neighborhood, I wonder if there will ever be a day when I’m not the hottest mess in the world.

I laughed at myself this morning as my kids ran to beat in the tardy bell….again. I’m such a good mom to allow them this opportunity to exercise before school. There is no telling what those ladies in the front office think of me. They are the sweetest ladies ever, though. Thank God for that.

With no make-up on and a toddler on my hip, I head to grocery store.

When Things Got Weird

There was a lady who was struggling to get her shopping cart situated.  I spent five seconds helping her return it back to the kiosk.  As I walked away, the thoughts spirit of fear, spirit of fear, spirit of fear came to my mind.  I thought to myself Huh… That lady must be afraid of something. I got into my car and it was still there…spirit of fear, spirit of fear, spirit of fear.  

I said out loud, “I mean….God, do you want me to do something about this?”

He gave me NO answer to that question.

When random thoughts or people pop into your head, it could be Holy Spirit telling you something.

I just kept hearing spirit of fear in my head.  It was a very “loud” thought.  I saw these people were parked next to me. With great hesitation, I got out the car and approached them. I kept thinking, I can’t believe I’m doing this…..

Praying for Strangers

“Excuse me, I know this is weird, but after I walked away from you, all I could hear was spirit of fear, spirit of fear, spirit of fear in my head.  I was wondering if there is anything I can pray for you for? (Meanwhile I’m freaking out in my head)

They quickly said, yes… please. Relief consumed me as I thought they don’t think I’m crazy. I prayed a very generic prayer.  It probably covered all things protection and peace n Jesus’ name.

After the Amen, I asked if they could relate to anything that I prayed.  She replied with, “Yes!” and shared that she has been really, really worried about something.

I have no idea how I knew what to say next. Out of NOWHERE, I said, “Remember that there is no fear in perfect love.  Fear comes from punishment and that is not from God.  You have a God that loves you perfectly and I pray you are able to receive that perfect love from Jesus in a way that will cast out all your fear. God loves you and he doesn’t want you afraid.

I then asked them if they knew Jesus like that, and they answered yes.  I asked them their names and told them I’d be praying for them the rest of the day.  They continued to thank me and I walked away.

What. In. The. World. Just. Happened!!  I couldn’t believe what just went down in the parking lot of a discount grocery store!

I had never even spoken to strangers about  Jesus, much less gotten out of my car, asked them personal questions, prayed in a public place, and busted out with scripture!!! I’ll tell you what happened.

That day, God used hot mess me to make a difference in the lives of these two strangers. My ideal self had arrived; except she looks differently than I had ever imagined.

I’d been trying to become this perfect Christian lady before doing anything cool for the kingdom of Heaven. That’s the kind of people God uses, right? Wrong. He uses hot messes.

This was an act of God’s love for me. He knew I’d go nuts over it… I have a passionate personality anyway.  Add that to the fact that God had used me…with a stranger.

The results of that equation are a life filled with excitement and a desire to do life closely with God.  God knows my heart and knew that it would change our relationship in a powerful way.

That day made me realize God wants to have fun with me. Embarrassing at first, but I felt like I had “hung out” with God or something.  It made me want to put myself in positions for Him to use me like that again and again and again.

This story occurred years ago, but it’s what began my friendship with God.

God desires friendship with you too. You don’t have to change or improve. You don’t have clean yourself up.

You are enough. Wake up. Give God your Yes and rock Y.O. U….Hot mess and all. Tweet that

You are enough.Wake up.Give God your Yesand Rock this day.

But do spend some time simply talking to your God like you would a friend. It’s an amazing beginning to a glory packed Christian life.

Praying for y’all!


Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for Jesus and the cross. Thank you for desiring a relationship with us. Thank you for loving us enough to provide a way for communication. Help us to come to you first in all things through prayer. Help us not to hide. Jesus we need you and love you.

In your name I pray,


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13 thoughts on “Hot Mess Express and Friends with God Anyway

  1. Such a great story! I love how God can use us, despite our feelings of inadequacy, if we are willing to step out in faith when he tells us to do something. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lauren, you inspire me girl! You have no idea! God is using you in my life right now and you don’t even know. Thank you for setting the example friend! I love you!

  3. I loved this! I’ve been reading through the Old Testament and I continue to be struck by the quality of the characters that God works through. Or maybe I should say “lack of quality” haha! Some of them were such TERRIBLE people. Even the best among them have points in their story where you go “NO! What are you thinking?!?!”
    It’s such a great reminder, though, not just that God can use anyone, but that He’s not waiting for us to be perfect to use us—He’s just waiting for us to be obedient. Your story really made me reflect on that! Thanks!

  4. Watch out God has big things in store for you girl. I can feel it coming but don’t let it scare you. He was checking to see if you would listen. I am so impressed you turned around and listened to the voice of GOD.
    I hate it when I let those opportunities pass me by.

    1. This story was actually about 5 years ago…and Yep I think He just might have BIG things for me! Pray for me!!! Thanks for saying that…seriously. I really appreciate your words! xoxo-Lauren

  5. I just absolutely really loved reading this. Sometimes we strive for a certain position or look because we think that’s the ONLY way to lead people to Jesus. But, in reality, God is using us right now, right in the middle of our “hot messes”! Thank you for sharing your story & your heart!

    1. I still struggle with okay…let me “work” on this so that ___________ I have to stop myself and pray reminding that I fully prepared and useful to do what’s right in front of me! xoxo-Lauren

  6. So refreshing! I love this post, I love your story, and I love that God uses us right where we are, how we are! I think there are more “hot messes” out there than we might imagine…may each one of us be used for His glory! Blessings to you, Lauren, and may you get a full night of rest tonight. 🙂

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