He Delights in me!

This idea is what freed me up to be the church. The thought that not only does God like me, but He delights in me is so freeing. He delights in us now ,as we are, not a future “fixed- up” version us.

He delights in us.

This idea is what freed me up to be the church. The thought that not only does God like me, but He delights in me is so freeing.  He delights in us now ,as we are, not a future “fixed- up” version us.

I’m doing a short study called Pulling the Thread led by Jen Hatmaker. It’s about unraveling your view of God’s calling in your life. I love how she describes our “calling.” She says your calling is where your gifts and talents meet your burdens. I started to think about my talents and passions. I landed on these: I love to learn new things and teach others, I love to talk about what the Lord is doing and has done in my life, I love to walk along with others who also are trying to figure out this messy life, I love to encourage people in the Lord by speaking truth, I love to sew, I love being a parent and a wife.

Figuring out what burdens my heart was even easier. I wish for people to know they have a Heavenly Father who loves them perfectly. I wish for people to know what it means to have an identity in Christ. I wish for people to know the goodness and grace of God. I want people to know that God speaks. I wish for people to learn how He speaks to them. I want people to experience God in a way that increases their faith every day. I want these things so badly for people, I sometimes feel like I’m going to explode!

So if you ever ask yourself, what is my calling? I encourage you to relax!! It doesn’t have to be super fancy. You don’t have to become a missionary or start a church. God meets you where you are and has already prepared for you whatever you are called to do! I am a wife of a husband who is currently working 80 plus hours and week. I have three girls; 5, 3, and 1. They are crazy and loud. I have laundry and dishes and I am completely ordinary. I also feel that I am doing what I am being “called” to do. I am resting in the fact that God loves me perfectly. I am pressing forward with confidence that God will continue to use me for His kingdom where I am in life. I can look for people who need love and encouragement. I can serve when possible.

God can use you to glorify His name in whatever your occupation is! What are you already good at? What breaks your heart? Is there a way you can put the two together? You might be a photographer, in sales, in the military, just became a nurse; anything! If you are unsure of your calling or how God wants to use you I encourage you seek Him and look around. We live in a hurting world and people need to be shown the light of Christ. While seeking Him, be reminded that He is pursuing you even more than you can imagine.

Here is my prayer for tonight; Father God, I pray that all eyes that read this feel the amazing love you offer through Jesus. I pray you increase their hunger and desire to know you and live for you. I pray you place people, songs, and readings in their paths that lead them closer to you. I pray for clarity in how we can serve you better. In Jesus’ name, Amen

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  1. I just read your first blog entry! Girl. I think we are brothers from another mother! 🙂 I have had a parallel journey of awakening in the past year. Your words are beautiful and ring true with what God is doing in me as well! I look forward to more blogging and sharing!

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