I will turn the darkness into light and make the rough places smooth.I use this #hashtag more than any other because of the weight it carries in my life.  I love the gospel because it simply does what it says it will do.  God told us He was sending a Messiah before Christ was born and He told us what this Messiah would to.

This morning I was reminded once again what Jesus will do.

Isaiah 42: 16-17

I will lead the blind by ways they have not known,  along the unfamiliar paths I will guide them:  I will turn the darkness into light before them  and make the rough places smooth.   These are the things I will do; I will not forsake them.

This is my prayer this morning.  That every eye that reads this comes to know that God has gone before us preparing the way to make our rough places smooth because of Jesus.

I pray for the lost, that today be the day that God guides them to the unfamiliar place of His salvation.

“For the gospel to be good news it has to invade dark places.”- Matt Chandler

And it is good news.  What Jesus has done for us is the good news that changes everything.

So thank you Jesus. Thank you for invading the dark places in our hearts, lives, families, towns, churches, countries, and nations.  I pray that today you continue to let us see how you are smoothing out the rough places. Let us see you in a way that gives us hope for face tomorrow. Let us be like you and not be discouraged, but walk faithfully as we continue to learn to walk in your ways.

Be encouraged today that you have a God that loves you and sits on His throne as King above every difficulty, situation, or struggle you have smoothing things out for His glory. May you be glorified as we gather corporately in our churches to worship your Holy name.

In Jesus name,




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  1. Lauren, thank you for being obedient to our good God. You listen to His Voice, you read &’meditate on His True Word. And then you pass it on to us, lifting and encouraging us through God’s Word to you. Love love love you, precious friend and sweet sister in Christ❣ “We are IN His strong grip!” Isiah 41:10 (The Message )
    Brenda Adams
    Eli, Matthew & Micah’s Happy Mimi-

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