Guest Post: Am I asking God the right questions?


Me: Where do you see me fitting in your kingdom, God? Where do you want me?

God: Sit awhile and listen.

And then I heard:
The answer to my question, “Where do I fit in the kingdom of God?” has always been right in front of me. God calls me to fit into His kingdom here and now, in the present glory. I felt silly when I realized that He has already placed me in His kingdom right where He wants me- as a wife, mother, teacher, daughter, & friend; as a woman of faith who desires nothing more than to be an instrument of grace.

Knowing now that I always knew the answer to my long-standing question, I began to ask different questions.

Me: What is holding me back from being an instrument of grace right here & now?

God: Sit awhile and listen.

And then I heard:
Some speak out loud & on fire for the Lord.
Some speak differently, creatively, distinctly.

I’ve never been one to say out loud those things that Lord speaks to me. I have always admired those people who God uses to share truths in a way that engages and captures a room. In the years of searching for my purpose in His kingdom, I have confused my quiet with a lack of confidence. But this couldn’t be farther from the truth, as I am coming to understand. My confidence can be found in my uniqueness in the Lord.

My fear of really being used by God was not because I didn’t have a story or gift to share but because I didn’t believe in my uniqueness. My low spiritual self-esteem high-jacked my purpose to share grace boldly with those in my present glory. My insecurities left me with a gaping wound where my calling & purpose was supposed to be.

Realizing this about myself led me to ask God another question, and this time it spoke to my creative, unique soul.

Me: God, how can I inspire You?

God: That is the right question, my daughter. Sit awhile and listen.

And then I heard:
I’ve been asking the wrong question the whole time. I’ve been asking God to inspire me to move forward. How selfish and self-centered?!?! Isn’t the grace offered to me at the cross enough of an inspiration to speak boldly for my God? Isn’t the call to be salt & light in a fallen & dark world enough of an inspiration? Isn’t the desire to live in true rebellion against today’s culture enough of an inspiration?

God inspires me every day to be useful in His kingdom. God inspired me at the moment of my salvation to go forth into the world, just as He has called me every day after. Now it’s my turn to inspire Him. To use my unique design, my gifts, my distinctive quiet in a way that gives God inspiration. So that when He paints the morning sky in bright pastels or performs a miracle, that I might be the twinkle in His eye.

My friends, God is calling you to ask the right questions and then to sit awhile and listen. Your question might be different from mine, or it might be not be so different. But no matter the question, our God is the same- everlasting and ever present. May we step out boldly to be an inspiration to our inspired God and may we learn to ask the right questions.

About Cricket. I am a dreamer, a creative soul. And while I am also a full-time teacher, wife, and mother; I find rest and purpose in writing. Suffering for years from low spiritual self-esteem and struggling to find a medium to share all that God has done in my life, I am finally out of hiding. Embracing a new found confidence in Christ, I am learning the sweetness of stepping out in obedience and living life in a position of bold-faith. Β Through it all I run on Jesus, coffee, and lipstick… in that order. Tweet with me @CricketButler and read along at

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