About Me


I became friends with the Sovereign, perfectly just, infinite Holy God. I learned how to recognize His voice and let go of all past mistakes.  It’s a process that is more fun every step of the way. I became so hungry for truth I couldn’t get enough worship, scripture, prayer, and podcast.  God gets bigger and bigger in my life as I follow Jesus.

One of my favorite things about following Jesus is noticing how redemptive He actually is.  He redeems everything; including my personality.  I am a passionate person.  Jesus is making me passionate for him. I’ve always been good with words.  Jesus is redeeming my words to point people towards the cross.

If you are around me long enough, you will hear me talk of the Lord’s faithfulness. God continues to show up time and time again.  He has been so faithful to me in ALL areas of my life.

I now recognize the Lord’s voice. I have fun with my Heavenly Father with a faith that stays active. Most of the time, it feels like playing. Jesus removed shame and guilt. I now pray and intercede for others instead of just always begging for forgiveness.  This is the space where miracles occur.

I prayed that God would help me love the Bible. I love studying scripture and sewing those truths into my everyday life.

John 15:15- I no longer call you servants because a servant does not know his master’s business. Instead, I have called you friend.

I used to pray that God would use me as a vessel to help carry out his will.  I grow in awe of God because He ACTUALLY does use me. It’s crazy that He would include us! Thank you Jesus for making a way!

Now, it is my passion to help others learn how to recognize God’s voice and allow that to spark a life in Christ that draws others to Him. I love to teach what I’ve learned about Scripture and let that be the lens through which I see God.

It is my hope to encourage all who spend time here to be a difference maker!  Be that girl who wakes up and knows who they are because God says so!  Be that girl who knows who she is in Christ and has the confidence of royalty!  Go to Starbucks and change the atmosphere.  Play at the park and shine brighter than that sunny day. Worship while your kids are giggling in the car.  Change the day of the cashier at Target.  Turn your kitchen into Holy ground. Never feel alone.  Be a difference maker.

Yes.  It is possible.  It happens when we completely surrender ourselves to Him.  It happens when we become friends with God.

I hope you are blessed and more sure of who are in Christ because of your time spent here!

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