Walking with Lions


It’s kind of crazy what they want super sick people to do.  Twenty laps daily is what we walk around E8 in order to keep things moving.  We add some time on the stationary bike to spice things up.  This was yesterday and also the first time I intentionally walked with a lion.

I just finished Lioness Arising by Lisa Bevere and I say… it’s a must read!  It is full of truth bombs for women who desire a life in Christ.  I started it a few months ago, but life is nuts and who has time to read when there is sleep to be had.  Sitting with mom granted me time to finish the book.

I love when a book says what I feel inside.  There is something about feeling known in that moment.  Most of this book did this for me.  I haven’t been able to truly describe what it’s like to have Christ truly remove all fear over the last few months.  Any time I have been afraid or worried or stressed… He has simply brought me out of it quickly.  He hasn’t let me stay there.

Even when my sweet granny passed away.  I was broken, but I wasn’t undone.  His faithfulness continued to amaze me even when we lost my precious granny in March.

I wanted to call it the “peace that passes all understanding,” but that wasn’t it either.  Yesterday, I was able to put into words.

I have been walking with the Lion of Judah.

“Those who follow Jesus keep the company of a Lion. Jesus is our Lamb that was slain and rose again as Lion of Judah.” –Lisa Bevere

Amen. To. That.  And YES! YES! YES!  This describes what my life has been the last few months!  I have been walking next to the Lion of Judah!

This is why I haven’t completely crumbled under the stresses, sadness, and pressures of life.  There have been moments, but they haven’t stayed!  This is why the word “peace” didn’t quite fit what I was walking in.

If you are walking next to a lion you aren’t just peaceful… You. Are. bold!!  You fear not because you are walking next to the Christ who rose again and conquered death!  You are walking with the conquering Lion of Judah.


Lately, I’ve been asking for the faith OF God and not just faith in God… I heard  someone speak on that once and it seemed legit… I think He is answering my prayer by allowing me to experience what it’s like to walk through life  next to the Lion of Judah.  And it’s incredible.

Right after I finished the chapter on Walking with a Lion, mom was ready for her laps.  What she didn’t know was that I intentionally brought the Lion of Judah with me as we walked circles among the sick.  He had always been there, but there is something that adds bravery and boldness to your life when you picture Christ as the Lion and intentionally ask Him to come along.

I prayed so much Heaven down on her and the sick we passed along the way.  We walked circle after circle and I prayed and prayed that Christ would move in their lives and heal them.  I prayed that every person on this floor comes to know the saving power, mercy, and grace that only comes through Jesus Christ.  I prayed that they would come to truly know God and His goodness.  I prayed that He would move in Jesus name.  There are no infections in Heaven, I prayed there are no infections in the people’s live on E8 in Jesus name! Who knows what else I prayed.  I tend to get on a roll, but the point is that  floor E8 didn’t know what was coming in Jesus name.

It’s crazy what starts happening when you begin to pray crazy prayers and they start getting answered.  So many women live in fear.  May I lovingly remind you that in Christ you walk through life with the Lion of Judah.  He can do nothing but conquer.  Let this truth give you the boldness to pray for things only Jesus can do.  Only Jesus can beat AML.  Only Jesus can save your marriage, heal your heart, bring you out of the darkness, overcome that addiction.

There are some things that only the Lion of Judah can conquer.  Let Him fight your fight for you!  He never leaves us.  So many times I picture Jesus and worship Him as the Lamb of God, but completely forget He is also the Lion.  He is very very very much both.

My mom also knows this Lion. She’s known Him longer and  she’ll give all the credit to Him as well.  Life and Faith are different when you walk with Lions.  Also….totally get this book!

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for your faithfulness.  Thank you for your goodness that has no end.  I pray that every eye that reads this comes to know you as Lion of Judah. Help us to let you fight for us and give us the strength to let go.  I pray they come to know you as their Savior who never leaves or forsakes them.  Help us to trust you with our lives in Jesus’ name.  Father we need you so much.  Thank you for your faithfulness.

In Jesus name,


4 thoughts on “Walking with Lions

  1. I have never read through your blog but I will now! I needed the words written here as I have been trying to fight through my own trials and battles. You are amazing. Thank you for being a resource for me today as I work towards being a better daughter of God and a better person to those in my life.

    1. Angela! Thank you for your words! Yes! There is such sweet surrender when we trust God to do our fighting for us! Please email me @ lbtonge@gmail and let me know how I can be praying for you!! Good to hear from you!

  2. Yes. Yessss. This gave me goosebumps. Ever heard the song Lion and the Lamb? The chorus goes,

    Our God is the lion, the Lion of Judah
    He’s roaring in power snd fighting our battles
    Our God is the lamb, the lamb that was slain
    For thecsins of the world His blood breaks the chains
    And every knee will bow before the Lion and the Lamb
    Every knee will bow before Him

    One of my favourites. I love thinking of how the Lion is walking beside me roaring with power and fighting my battles.

    Thanks for sharing!!

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