How to Stretch your Bubble

Friends with God

HOw to

I wake up. Stumble to the Coffee,  throw some Eggo waffles into the toaster oven for the wee ones. Don’t worry. We are healthy the rest of the day. (lie)

I get my kids looking like they are off to a Preppiest Kids Contest, while I’m rocking my yoga gear, yesterday’s eye-liner and pony tail. I drop off kids and wait for a bestie to call me around 8:15. I call another bestie around 9:00 am  and I carry out my day.

It’s full of chaos, giggles, and crying and laundry…dreaded laundry.  This is my life and the life of most of my friends. It’s my world in a bubble. I love my bubble.

I was listening to Matt Chandler one morning and he said, “If everyone you love , loves Jesus, then you don’t love enough people.”

Matt Chandler…I don’t have the time, energy, or brain space to love…

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