First Day Fears

Friends with God

First Day FearsNothing test my faith and uncovers fear like any dealings with my babies….especially where I have no control.  Will they be in the best class? Will they have the best teachers?  Will they have friends?

These are all things that I could have controlled a few years ago.  I worked at a wonderful school with marvelous people.  I would have some knowledge over things to bring me peace.

Last November, we moved to a new county where I am a complete NOBODY! I couldn’t name 4 teachers if you asked! Not having control is presenting another opportunity for me to grow in the Lord because it requires me to grab on tightly to his perfect love for me and the wee ones.   It’s another opportunity for me to be open-handed with my children.

It’s absolutely the most difficult area for most mommas, I think. When I haven’t controlled a situation…

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