Do You Fear Disobeying God?

God has redeemed my definition of Sin and Obedience…Find out how!

Friends with God


Do you fear disobeying God?

I have…it’s the worst. Those situations usually leave me analyzing every decision I make. Is this what God wants me to do? Will this choice please him?  I want to “grow “ in the Lord, if I fail this test, will I miss what God wants for me? Yes…I’ve actually thought/felt all these things. Talk about a stressed out Christian who is lacking joy and peace.

The problem with this thinking is you walk through life with the emphasis on you and your righteousness instead of God’s response to our entire life…Jesus Christ and his righteousness.

I had a wrong view of God. I was so afraid every time a trial entered my life that it was some sort of test from God….and I was afraid of not responding correctly.

Then I started actually studying the Bible and learning who the God of the Bible…

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