Be Brave. Pray for Life.

Sometimes we need reminding to be brave. Praying for y’all.

Friends with God

Be BraveAre you brave enough to pray for life? Sometimes I’m not. It’s hard to pray those big prayers when things are scary and seem hopeless. I have definitely been in a place where I’ve had all the faith and hope that God would heal and then He didn’t. It does take bravery to ask for life because let’s face it…we all know someone who has prayed for life and it didn’t come. It’s easy and natural to ask the questions, “Where was God ? It made no sense then, why would He give life now?” I have asked these things.

I think we have to be careful with putting God in boxes when it comes to praying for big things. I’ve learned that’s how I pray. It’s like I have more boldness to pray for healing when the odds are more in my favor. I think it’s a pride thing…like…

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