Do You Fear Disobeying God?


I'm no longer afraid of my sin...find out why.

Do you fear disobeying God?

I have…it’s the worst. Those situations usually leave me analyzing every decision I make. Is this what God wants me to do? Will this choice please him?  I want to “grow “ in the Lord, if I fail this test, will I miss what God wants for me? Yes…I’ve actually thought/felt all these things. Talk about a stressed out Christian who is lacking joy and peace.

The problem with this thinking is you walk through life with the emphasis on you and your righteousness instead of God’s response to our entire life…Jesus Christ and his righteousness.

I had a wrong view of God. I was so afraid every time a trial entered my life that it was some sort of test from God….and I was afraid of not responding correctly.

Then I started actually studying the Bible and learning who the God of the Bible is.

I also lived a little longer and realized adulthood is full of stresses and although God is right there with us…He isn’t presenting us with a test every time the waves of life come crashing.

If God tests us then there is a possibility we can fail God.  We can’t fail God. He is GOD! We can’t “let God down” because we aren’t holding Him up in the first place.  He is GOD! And even if He did test us…Jesus passed each and every test for us. That’s why we sing Amazing Grace so loudly!

Breathe in that freedom ladies.  Ahhhh

So no. God doesn’t test us, but don’t confuse a test with obedience. Obedience and disobedience are very different than passing/failing a test. Obedience is important and Christians should always seek holiness. Most people know when they are disobeying God.

Life’s stresses reveal things in our lives that don’t reflect the heart of God. Yes, James 1:3 reads, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. This is speaking to trials and suffering, but in a way that strengthens our faith!

This is where fear of failing a “test” can really keep us from experiencing God’s goodness. When I respond with fear, anxiety, or panic, I’m responding out of an unhealthy fear of God instead of resting in the love God has for me.

If I know God is showing me an area in my life/sin where He wants to grow me, I still always panic a little at first.  I still find myself expecting this huge dramatic event to “break me” down.

Don’t make the sin in your life a bigger deal than the Christ in your life who took away your sins. Tweet That

We must remind ourselves of the kindness and gentleness of Christ. I am His daughter.  He loves me so much and knows my heart. If God has something in our life/sin He wants to change or that needs “pruning” He is GENTLE in how He reveals it to His daughters.  Some people need a big wakeup call from God.

From my experience, those people “bracing for impact” are the ones God is MOST gentle with!

When Christ gently reveals sin in my life, it’s easy to confess and walk in repentance.  If you are stuck in fear of failure, you are afraid of God’s rebuke when He is trying to grow you in Him.

Isaiah 42: 3-4 A bruised reed he will not break, and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out.

This describes our Savior.  We are the bruised reeds in our sin.  He is so gentle with us that He won’t break his bruised children.  He stays with us, strengthens us, and purifies our hearts.

We are the smoking wicks.  Sometimes our light or flame isn’t as bright as it once was.  Life or sin happens and it seems like we have lost our fire.  Jesus doesn’t snuff us out!  Jesus waits with us until the oil (Holy Spirit) does His work and our wicks are able to light the fire again.

Now I’ve learned how to swim in grace and it’s much easier to deal with the areas of sin in my life.  I’m not afraid of my sin anymore because Jesus isn’t afraid of my sin. He tells me gently through His word or prayer and I gladly repent!

Repentance and confession are really important parts of spiritual growth.  Sin is a big deal and we should feel the weight of it at some point in our lives, but we can’t let the fear of our sin or the fear disappointing God keep us from resting in grace.

Still struggle with feeling tested by God? Let the words of my new favorite scripture wash over you.

Micah 6:8 He has showed you, O man, what is good. And what does the Lord require? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.


You are His daughter.  If there is something in your life where God wants you to grow, He will reveal it…. gently.  He is a good good Father and you are loved by him.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for Jesus. Help us to remember that he paid it all on the cross.  Help us to learn what grace means.  Continue to teach us who you are so we don’t walk through life afraid that we are failing you. Help us to remember that because Jesus passed all the tests, we don’t have to be afraid when we fail.  Continue to grow us in your ways. I pray that every eye who reads this is overwhelmed by your goodness.

In Jesus name,







Y’all…It’s Radio Day!


Can you believe someone gave me a microphone and asked me to talk about Jesus?? It’s amazing!! Tomorrow at 10:00 in the morning is the first episode of the Friends with God radio show on Vision Radio 105.1 FM!  I could’t be more excited. The radio station is part of a network that will play the show nationally!! EEK! I will be reining in this southern accent;)

Join me each Thursday morning at 10:00.  Know that prepping for the show is a precious time between me and the Lord and I pray that all are blessed as they get to know their Father in Heaven who loves them perfectly.

Go to and thanks for your support! I pray at the end of each show you feel more secure in God’s love you!