Dear Fear, We’re breaking Up!

Friends with God


Dear fear,

We. Are. Breaking. Up.

It’s not working out anymore… And let’s be clear.. It’s you not me.  You call me names like failure, fake, and screw up.  You keep me in the shadows  instead of walking in the light.  You send my head spinning instead of focusing on what’s true.

You. Waste. My. Time.

You. Kill. My. Joy.

You keep me in the negative “what ifs”

What if my husband gets in a car wreck?

What if my kids get hurt?

What if a bad guy breaks into my home?

What if people really know all the bad stuff I’ve done.

What if I’m making the wrong decision and this turns out badly?

What if I’m hearing you wrong?

What if I’m a really bad mom and My kids end up jacked up?

What if this makes me look stupid?

What if I feel like this forever?

So out…

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