Wrecked Again


Last week Jesus wrecked me.  We’re talking crying in the kitchen..arms raised..tears flowing…kids looking at me like I’m crazy wrecked me.  I was overwhelmed by the goodness of God and his faithfulness.  I was humbled as Sweet Jesus revealed some ugly in my heart.

The ugly was unbelief…or partial belief.  Whatever it was, I pray it doesn’t stay there in Jesus name.

Like many good and moral people we adopted a girl through Food for the Hungry.  I say moral because even people who don’t love Jesus agree that poverty is a problem.  But, I’m an awful sponsor.  I’ve yet to send a letter or stickers or anything.  We pay our monthly sponsorship and pray for her.  That’s it.

If I’m really honest, I enjoy the opportunity that comes with the letters about the less fortunate to teach my privileged children to think of others.  Yes,  we try to practice what we preach and this is my effort to teach my children to think globally.

We would pray for her somewhat frequently at meals and at times before bed.  Our prayers would be very generic: Provide for her and her family. Make a way for them.  Help her to love and know you with her whole heart, soul, mind, and strength.  Bring her family out of poverty. God, there is no poverty in Heaven, I pray there is no poverty in her life.

These prayers were more of an act of obedience than an act of faith.  I know God moves.  I’ve seen it.  I just didn’t expect Him to do this.

I received a letter in the mail explaining that our girl was no longer in the program.  My immediate thought was… Oh no, she  died!

Then I continue to read that the was family has been economically rehabilitated.

I started geeking out because this is what I’ve been praying for.  Unbelief quickly crept in as my  next thoughts were… Oh no, this is probably worse!  Now they are only on their own.  She’ll be without the resources the program was supplying.  She’s  probably in a worse place!

Then Holy Spirit kicked in gently reminded me of the God I serve.  Father. Forgive. Me.  He is NOT a God that does half-ies!

He doesn’t save us half way, redeem us half-way, set us half-free.  The god of halfway isn’t the God of the Bible.

I serve  the God that makes a way through Jesus Christ.  I serve a God of completeness.  I follow the King Jesus that says “It is finished.”

FATHER FORGIVE ME!  Of course she’s not dead, of course you rescued her!  Of course you brought her out of poverty.  Of course you did because you are faithful and good.  I prayed in Jesus name that you would prepare a way for work for her family… so in Jesus name YOU DID.

Father God forgive my unbelief!  Praise and tears came later because my faith had NOTHING to do with God answering my prayer.  I had a mustard seed size faith while praying for a sweet girl in the Philippines out of poverty.

Going all Nancy Drew on the situation, I called the organization to learn that her community had not left the program… only her family.  God had made a way for her family to become economically rehabilitated, just like I had prayed with my mustard seed size faith.

Needless to say my mustard seed size faith is a little larger.  It makes me want to pray more!  I will be praying for families and countries to come out of poverty.  I’ll be praying that today God is putting things in motion to supply jobs and whatever else needs to be done to remove poverty from this country.  He answered my prayer with little faith.  It makes me wonder what happens when I pray with actual faith.

Praying for global issues is a huge act of faith.  There is usually no way to know if God is doing anything with them and you may never see any of the fruit.

It’s fair to think, What’s the point?  Why should I even waste my time on them?  Am I even suppose to pray for that?

My answer is ABSOLUTELY!  Looking at the life of Jesus, you see that He performed miracles over the natural, physical, and spiritual.  HE showed the glory of God and heaven through these demonstrations of power.

In the Lord’s prayer Jesus prays the words, “Your kingdom come, Your will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.” Matthew 6:10

Jesus says thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.  Well… Heaven is perfect and full of God’s glory.  That tells me that I’m to pray for God’s glory to come to Earth in natural, physical, and spiritual ways.

Watching how Jesus lived stretches my prayer life from my needs and wants to praying for the world’s needs.

His first miracle was turning water into wine.  There was a need/problem and Jesus solved the problem using power from Heaven.   Only God can turn water into wine.

He does this because it increases the faith of the people who believe in Him as well as draws people closer to Him as a picture of hope.  This is the same for 2016.

I’ve prayed that God would PLEASE help my kids go to sleep. My faith wasn’t increased when the babes went to sleep. That would happen eventually without God.

Most people want their faith to increase, but spend no time praying prayers that require any faith!

Praying for world issues can very much seem like words being thrown into the air.  Thankfully, we serve a merciful God who throws a bone every now and again to remind and encourage us who we are because of Christ Jesus.

You might be thinking, Then why doesn’t God just end poverty?  My answer is I don’t know.  We live in a fallen world and it need Jesus everywhere.

But I do know that Alyza was in poverty, I prayed God would bring her out of poverty, and she’s out of poverty.  End of story in my book.  Beginning of story in hers.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I thank you that are a God who hears the prayers and cries of your people.  I pray you come down and make your glory known in the lives of your people.  Help us to be kingdom minded and see the areas that need you.  Help us to know you and your heart more deeply, so that we know how to pray for those you love.

Thank you Jesus. You are everything,

In your name,


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Good Reads #001: All The Places to Go

imageI love a good read.  I don’t have tons of quiet time to complete a book, so the author better grab me quick or I’m outta there. All the Places to Go by John Ortberg is perfect for the reader who loves truth bombs coupled with humor and legit real life application.

This book also totally freed me from the heavy burden that God is only behind ONE door.

I used to carry the burden of not wanting to disobey God.  It was like there were only two doors: Obeying God’s will & and Disobeying God’s will.

AHHHHH! The stress that comes with not knowing God’s will!! This will totally calm you down and gift you with the freedom to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, strength, and love your neighbor as yourself.

All the Places to Go is excellent source wisdom for those seeking a life following Christ.

Below are my Top Quotes from All the Places to Go

“No project is so great that it doesn’t need God.  No project is so small that is doesn’t interest God.”

“If we do not learn to find God in our small worlds, we will never find God at all.”

“Spiritual maturity is being able to face troubles without being troubled.”

“Sometimes going through an open door just means not being a jerk.  If the door is not marked glamorous, just settle for obedient.”

“The standard position for being truly problem free is dead.”

“Sometimes, it’s what you do after the door is open that makes all the difference.”

“If I stew over what might have been, I rob myself of energy and spirit to see all the small doors God sets before me each day.”

“If ‘having a peace about it’ we’re the ultimate criterion for going through open doors, nobody in the Bible have done anything God asked.”

“We don’t follow clarity.  We follow God!”

“An open door is an opportunity provided by God, to act with and for God.”


“The doors through which a soul can leave fear into courage, leave hatred and enter forgiveness, leave ignorance and enter into learning.”

“The primary will for your life is not the achievements you accrue; it’s the person you become.”

“Feeling ready is highly overrated. God is looking for obedience.What the world needs is not simply isolated outward deeds, but transformed character from within. That’s what Jesus wants to release into the world.”

I would recommend this book to anyone who is constantly wondering if they are pleasing God with their choices as well as people who paralyzed from making decisions based on fear of disobeying God.

Is this you?  Visit my What to Read page and get your copy today!

Dear Heavenly Father,

I pray that every eye who reads this comes to know you and your will for their life.  I pray you continue to draw them closer to you as they learn to love with their whole heart, soul, mind, and strength.  Give us wisdom and the courage to make decisions that honor you and help us to love our neighbor.

In Jesus name,


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Failure to Launch Christianity

Dear Fear, We’re breaking Up!


Dear fear,

We. Are. Breaking. Up.

It’s not working out anymore… And let’s be clear.. It’s you not me.  You call me names like failure, fake, and screw up.  You keep me in the shadows  instead of walking in the light.  You send my head spinning instead of focusing on what’s true.

You. Waste. My. Time.

You. Kill. My. Joy.

You keep me in the negative “what ifs”

What if my husband gets in a car wreck?

What if my kids get hurt?

What if a bad guy breaks into my home?

What if people really know all the bad stuff I’ve done.

What if I’m making the wrong decision and this turns out badly?

What if I’m hearing you wrong?

What if I’m a really bad mom and My kids end up jacked up?

What if this makes me look stupid?

What if I feel like this forever?

So out you go in JESUS NAME! We are done!  Now GO! Walk out the door! You’re not welcome here anymore!

I’m replacing you with the love I have in Christ. Not only am I going to survive…I’m going to thrive!

I’m replacing you with positive what- ifs

What if God started an amazing thing in my marriage and my husband became this awesome man of God?

….. I’m going to pray for that!

What if my children knew the love of Christ and did amazing things for him at a young age?

………I’m going to start praying for that!

What if I screw up and my kids turn out fine anyway!

…..I’m going to pray for that!

What if I don’t look stupid and this actually turns into an awesome thing!!

What if my house turns into Holy Ground and the presence of God is so evident people want to know more about Jesus?

What if instead of feeling ashamed and guilty of past mistakes… I trade it in with grace, mercy, and power. And I step into my proper role in kingdom of heaven…

And what if God IS actually who He says is and He actually can fulfill ALL my needs and desires with glory. What if I start dreaming and praying again? What if start walking in freedom.

What if……?

…………I’m going to pray for that!

Hello love of Jesus.  I’m ready to believe you now.  I’ve broken up with fear and I’d like to couple up with your perfect love.  Help me to see myself through your eyes. Help me to feel safe and live openhanded with my life, gifts, and talents.

Help me to be authentic with my life and know you more deeply!

Help me to protect my heart and mind so I’m not tempted to slide back into fearful thoughts. Please reveal to me what else needs to go so that doesn’t happen.

Thank you  Jesus that your word is true.

Thank you that you are a God who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine according to your power that is at work with in us. Ephesians 3:20

Give us vision and help us imagine again!-Pray for MoreHope for MoreSeek you MoreLife a life for MoreLove Moree's no elevator to sucess. you have to take the stairs.-

Help us to

Pray for More

Hope for More

Seek you More

Live a life for More

And to You be glory of my New life not strapped down by fear anymore.

Thanks you Jesus. You are everything.


Dear Heavenly Father I speak freedom from fear over every eye who read this.  I pray that you have a moment with Jesus and your lavish love covers them in a way that cast out all fear.  I pray that they receive this love and it replaces the spots in their hearts where your love should reside. I speak they come to know the spirit of love, power, and sound mind that comes with walking through life closely with you.  I pray this over every reading in the name of Jesus.