Dear Supernanny and Jesus, Come Quick! I’m overwhelmed.

Good. Grief.

If I survive the terrible 3s it will be a miracle. Two nights ago was a rough one. I mean the kind of night that ends in tears, calls to best friends, and feeling awful when you go to sleep kind of night. The kind of night when you are so overwhelmed, you surprise yourself by your behavior. It involved screaming at the top of my lungs, cursing under my breath, scaring the crap out of my kids.I just wanted my day to end already!! I needed Jesus and Supernanny.

In this world, there are LOTS of reasons to be overwhelmed. But, God is faithful.

My precious 3 year old, who makes us laugh all day, was pushing Every. Single. Button. We’ve all been there, when our kids drive us nuts, but I was ashamed at my response to my little girl. I was so overwhelmed that I couldn’t get past it. I don’t even try to pretend that I’m a perfect Christian. I know I sin and that Jesus is here to help me. I had asked Him to help me after the first time I exploded on sweet HC. I asked Him to help me after the second time I exploded….and I asked Him to forgive me after the 5th time I exploded that night.

I couldn’t see God anywhere because I was so so so overwhelmed.

Being overwhelmed can be so consuming. You might be overwhelmed because your husband is working all the time,family drama, money troubles, your marriage is in big trouble, you are consumed by guilt and shame, or tempting situations. In this world, there are LOTS of reasons to be overwhelmed.

But, God is faithful.

The next day was the best day of my week because in His grace and mercy, the Lord revealed some amazing things to me.

He reminded me that in my state of being overwhelmed, I can’t see Him because I am listening to lies.

It’s easy to do because of obvious reasons. You are overwhelmed!! You can completely forget the truth when your world is nuts!! We are lied to in all differently ways. It might sound like, “You are a failure. If people could see how you really are. There is no hope for my marriage. I’m not good at anything. I’ve done such terrible things. I will always be alone, I am a fake.” These are LIES! The enemy of God will do whatever he can to mess with your head.

Second, He reminded me that Christ in me CAN make those lies go away. His great name is powerful against lies. The truth is I am a new creation, a child of the one true King, forgiven, that I have purpose, and that tomorrow is actually is a new day.

Be encouraged that having Christ in you is HUGE!!

The same Jesus that saved, healed, and encouraged, lives in you if you follow Christ. Whatever your situation is, please be encouraged and reminded that you aren’t alone, and whatever “giant” you may be facing is nothing compared to power of Christ in you. He can show up in big ways!

Third, He reminded me that I’m not alone when going to difficult times. He gave us the body of Christ (church) to help us. I have friends who I call for encouragement. When I’m hurting of overwhelmed, they speak truth to me and it’s gets me grounded again. This is such a beautiful gift and tangible reminder of God’s love for us.

If you are feeling overwhelmed for any reason and aren’t part of a local church, I HIGHLY encourage you to check one out in your area and get plugged in. Church people aren’t perfect, but the body of Christ is there for support!! My church peeps also have issues, but we are here for each other to encourage one another. This is a gift from God.

Finally, He reminded me to always run towards Him.  I didn’t see Him right away, but He was faithful. He showed up. He is always faithful.

My prayer for tonight is this; “Dear heavenly father, I need you. I’m stressed out. I’m tired. I can’t see an end in sight. Please have mercy on us. Please help us to see your face. Please help us to separate truth from lie. You are our only hope. I pray you amaze us with your greatness and allow us to feel your presence as we face difficult times. I pray we never forget that there is power in the name of Jesus, and He is our helper. I pray these things over the lives of each person that reads this. In your perfect and Holy name, Amen.

I didn’t mean it until I meant it

We all know we are supposed to love God. Jesus said in Luke 10:27, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strengths and with all your mind; and, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Well…. How the heck are we supposed to do that??? I mean….Loving God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength seems impossible! I know I’m supposed to love God more than my husband, but how does that even work? I can see Joel and talk to him, and he usually talks back. I know I’m supposed to love God more than my kids, but…can I? They are my greatest treasures. These are all questions that I’m sure most people have asked. Some of you might be thinking reading this, “Love God? I don’t even think about Him.” How exactly am I to obey this greatest commandment?
Here is a story I share every chance I get. In high school, I was sitting in a sermon where the preacher was talking about loving Jesus. I don’t remember any part of the sermon, but I do remember what I was thinking during the sermon.

“I can’t say, I love Jesus and mean it.”

I knew I wanted to love Jesus. I desired to please God and not just because I didn’t want to go to Hell. I genuinely believed God loved me, Jesus saved me, and I wanted to honor Him, but I still couldn’t say I love Jesus and mean it. I have always been very aware that God knows everything, and there is no sense in hiding things from Him.

So I prayed.

I confessed that I didn’t love Jesus. I didn’t not love Jesus. I was certainly thankful for his work on the cross because I knew I needed a Savior. I just asked God that I would one day be able to say it and mean it. It was that simple.

He didn’t answer it right away. It was a long and bumpy road full of mistakes and shame, confessing, and seeking Him. Here is the most beautiful part of the story.

He made the first move. God revealed how much He loved me!!! My life hasn’t been the same since. Once I was able to truly understand, and I’m not even sure I will ever be able to truly understand God’s love for me, I was able to say it back. I love Jesus because He first loved me. I have never felt closer to God in my life, but that is what the Gospel is all about.
It’s because of Jesus we even have a chance to get near God. It’s because of Jesus and the cross that we can have a hope of growing in our understanding of who God is.It’s because of Jesus I even have a CHANCE of loving God with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength. Now…. do I? I’m almost convinced that only Jesus can love Him that way, but I can continue to confess that I don’t love Him enough and ask that He help me to love Him. Help me to see Him. I can say this; He answers these prayers all the time. I can say I love Him more today than I did a year ago. I can most definitely say He is faithful to show me more about Himself and His goodness and grace as I seek Him. It’s his faithfulness that helps me love him.

So, what now?

Ask Him for help. If you don’t even think about God, pray that God will help you think about Him. If you don’t love God, pray that He will show you how to love Him. If you don’t love Him like you should, pray that He will help you love Him like you should. We all have to start somewhere. I have found that confessing and asking for help is a great first move. I can almost pinky promise you this….the more you know God, the more you get to know Jesus and how much he cares for you and how much He is FOR you…loving Him becomes easier and easier.

My prayer for tonight is this:
Dear God, I pray that all eyes that read this know that you are a good God who loves us perfectly. I pray you help us to love you with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. I pray you show up big in our lives. Please, God, show up big in our families. Show up in our workplace. Show up in our relationships. Help us to think of you more and more and more. Please make Yourself known to us in our daily lives. Please have mercy on us and speak to us in a way where we can know it can only be you. Thank you for the work you are already doing in our lives. You are perfect and holy. I pray these things over every person who reads this in Jesus’ name, Amen.

He Delights in me!

This idea is what freed me up to be the church. The thought that not only does God like me, but He delights in me is so freeing. He delights in us now ,as we are, not a future “fixed- up” version us.

He delights in us.

This idea is what freed me up to be the church. The thought that not only does God like me, but He delights in me is so freeing.  He delights in us now ,as we are, not a future “fixed- up” version us.

I’m doing a short study called Pulling the Thread led by Jen Hatmaker. It’s about unraveling your view of God’s calling in your life. I love how she describes our “calling.” She says your calling is where your gifts and talents meet your burdens. I started to think about my talents and passions. I landed on these: I love to learn new things and teach others, I love to talk about what the Lord is doing and has done in my life, I love to walk along with others who also are trying to figure out this messy life, I love to encourage people in the Lord by speaking truth, I love to sew, I love being a parent and a wife.

Figuring out what burdens my heart was even easier. I wish for people to know they have a Heavenly Father who loves them perfectly. I wish for people to know what it means to have an identity in Christ. I wish for people to know the goodness and grace of God. I want people to know that God speaks. I wish for people to learn how He speaks to them. I want people to experience God in a way that increases their faith every day. I want these things so badly for people, I sometimes feel like I’m going to explode!

So if you ever ask yourself, what is my calling? I encourage you to relax!! It doesn’t have to be super fancy. You don’t have to become a missionary or start a church. God meets you where you are and has already prepared for you whatever you are called to do! I am a wife of a husband who is currently working 80 plus hours and week. I have three girls; 5, 3, and 1. They are crazy and loud. I have laundry and dishes and I am completely ordinary. I also feel that I am doing what I am being “called” to do. I am resting in the fact that God loves me perfectly. I am pressing forward with confidence that God will continue to use me for His kingdom where I am in life. I can look for people who need love and encouragement. I can serve when possible.

God can use you to glorify His name in whatever your occupation is! What are you already good at? What breaks your heart? Is there a way you can put the two together? You might be a photographer, in sales, in the military, just became a nurse; anything! If you are unsure of your calling or how God wants to use you I encourage you seek Him and look around. We live in a hurting world and people need to be shown the light of Christ. While seeking Him, be reminded that He is pursuing you even more than you can imagine.

Here is my prayer for tonight; Father God, I pray that all eyes that read this feel the amazing love you offer through Jesus. I pray you increase their hunger and desire to know you and live for you. I pray you place people, songs, and readings in their paths that lead them closer to you. I pray for clarity in how we can serve you better. In Jesus’ name, Amen